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When creating an eastern branch office of «Gajewski Parquet Factory», in Latvia, main arguments were as follows: In Latvia preference is traditionally given to the wooden floors, therefore Latvian consumers need high quality oak parquet and parket plank. It is important that this floor covering would perfectly combine with the heat-insulated floor, at that, the low price of the parquet is essential. There are namely such oak parquet and parquet plank in the assortment of the manufacturer of the floor coverings, "Gajewski Parquet Factory", which are available at present also in Latvia.


Brand "Quickparket"

The main product of the fifth largest Polish manufacturer of the floor coverings, "Gajewski Parquet Factory", is a high-quality two-layer parquet of oak wood, of the brand "Quickparket". The floor coverings "Quickparket" are designed for use on a variety of floor surfaces - ideal for laying on gypseous, concrete and wooden floors. "Quickparket" production technology of the parquet and of the parquet plank is such that they may be safely laid on the heat-insulated floor, the floor covering will not deform during exploitation.


Kvalitatīvs ozolkoka parkets no kvalitatīvas koksnes


Parquet and parquet plank collection

"Gajewski Parquet Factory" is a family business which has been working for almost 30 years. The enterprise constantly evolves, using the most advanced production technology and also production equipment, developed in Germany and Italy. The factory continuously improves its products, offering new ways of treating the surface of the parquet, the parquet and the parquet plank of different colours and sizes. At the moment, "Gajewski Parquet Factory" has a very extensive assortment, the enterprise offers five different parquet collections, the parquet and the parquet plank, presented in them, are available in seven different variations of size and thickness, and there is also the parquet of various shades and with different surfaces. At that, every new product of "Gajewski Parquet Factory" - the parquet and the parquet plank - is thoroughly tested in special laboratories, so the manufacturer might be confident of the quality of its products. High quality of the oak parquet "Quickparket" is evidenced by the fact that the floor coverings are widely exported to the countries of Western Europe, such as: France, Italy, the total export volume of the produced products is about 80%.


Gajewski certificates


A sign of special recognition is popularity of the two-layer parquet "Quickparket" in Germany and Switzerland, because only floor coverings of the superior quality are in demand in these countries. The fact that the quality of the floor coverings of "Gajewski Parquet Factory" is tested, and the fact that they are produced with use of environmentally friendly technologies and materials, are certified also with numerous certificates:

  • The two-layer parquet and the parquet plank "Quickparquet" have been certified in Europe, CE marking certifies that the products comply with all European standards.
  • The parquet and the parquet plank also have FSC certificate certifying that they are produced of wood derived from forest husbandries, which are under environmentally responsible, socially oriented and economically viable management.
  • The parquet and the parquet plank "Quickparquet" have also received E1 HCHO certificate certifying that the floor coverings do not contain a harmful chemical substance - formaldehyde.
  • In its turn, Cfl–s1 certificate certifies that the parquet plank "Quickparquet" complies with high fire safety class.
  • Wooden floor "Quickparquet" has received also Solvent - Free сertificate certifying that during the manufacturing process, in the process of bonding and treatment of the parquet with lacquer or oil, harmful substances do not fall into environment.
  • The parquet and the parquet plank "Quickparquet" have passed the most different quality tests, as certified by DIBt certificate issued by the German Institute for Construction Technology.


 Parketa dēļi - sagatavošana un apstrādeParkets - sagatavošana un apstrāde


The aim of the enterprise

At the moment, the aim of "Gajewski Parquet Factory" enterprise consists in strengthening its positions in the Latvian market, as well as in informing about the availability of the two-layer parquet and the parquet plank "Ouickparquet" for each inhabitant of Latvia, who has a house, an apartment or an office, and who needs high-quality wooden floor covering. A leader of the eastern branch "Gajewski Parquet Factory", Shimon Puzirevskiy emphasizes: "The company is open to any kind of cooperation - therefore we invite everyone who needs the high quality parquet floor in a house, an apartment or an office, to contact us. We will be happy to acquaint you with the floor coverings produced by "Gajewski Parquet Factory" and to offer you the parquet at a profitable price.”


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