The certificates received by the manufacturer of the parquet and parquet plank

All our products are made in accordance with the modern technology and the highest standards. All our products comply with EU standards and EU directives on carrying out tests.


CE mark (compliance with European standards)

The two-layer parquet and the parquet plank "Quickparquet" have been certified in Europe, CE marking certifies that the product complies with all the European standards.

Formaldehyde free

The parquet and the parquet plank "Quickparquet" have also received E1 HCHO certificate, certifying that the floor coverings do not contain a harmful chemical substance - formaldehyde. Our products are fully in line with the class of formaldehyde emission - E1, approved in the EU, which is one of the strictest European regulations (UNI EN 14342).

Fire Safety Class

Certificate Cfl-s1 certifies that the parquet and the parquet plank "Quickparquet" meet high fire safety class. Wooden floors of "Gajewski" have been tested according to EN14342 and have been classified in accordance with the European class Cfl-s1.



Wooden floor "Quickparquet" has received also Solvent - Free сertificate certifying that during the manufacturing process, in the process of bonding and treatment of the parquet with lacquer or oil, harmful substances do not fall into environment. There are no emissions of solvents which are harmful to humans and environment, in connection with the cycles of UV varnishing, oiling and application of adhesives.

FSC Certification


The parquet and the parquet plank have also FSC certificate certifying that they are produced of wood derived from forest husbandries, which are under environmentally responsible, socially oriented and economically viable management.

National Technical Certificate


The parquet and the parquet plank "Quickparquet" have passed the most different quality tests, as certified by DIBt certificate issued by the German Institute for Construction Technology.

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