11 reasons for choosing the two-layer parquet "Gajewski"

Gajewski parketa struktura_1

  1. The heat-insulated floors are a modern trend. The parquet "Gajewski" is characterized by excellent thermal conductivity - the more energy-efficient solution, even up to 10% -15%, compared with three-layer parquet.

  2. Very stable parquet design provided by the bottom layer of oak or birch, fibres of which extend in a direction opposite to the fibres of the top layer. Such parquet design is the most stable and perfect for rooms with the heat-insulated floors or with variable climate.

  3. Large choice of sizes for the same kind (colour) - up to 5 different sizes - both in length and in width.

  4. The glued parquet will always be more stable and "quiet" than "floating floor". It is particularly important in changeable environment - moist, dry, with sharp thermal changes.

  5. Fixed lengths - possibility to create a variety of patterns in the process of laying.

  6. Right-sided + left-sided planks - are limitless designer possibilities, it is possible to create "herringbone", "block" and other patterns.

  7. Collection “Concept 600” - is a classic combined with modernism - the perfect solution for any design.

  8. Wide choice - a plank with or without knots, oiled or varnished, brushed or grinded, with or without bevels - an offer for every taste.

  9. Novelty - the collection "Concept 600" will soon appear in the new version - with short edges, arranged at an angle of 45 degrees (French "herringbone") - which will impart to any design a refined elegance in the French style .

  10. Individual approach - in line with each customers wishes, we can offer  various solutions in terms of the treatment, as well as, for rooms with   high-intensity exploitation, we can offer the parquet with increased  thickness of the exploited layer. 

  11. Excellent combination of price and quality, the exact geometry of the planks and high quality of the parquet will not disappoint any user.

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