What one should pay attention to, before to start laying the parquet?

Parketa grīdu montāžaThe parquet is completed with right-sided and left-sided planks, one may create the most different patterns during their installation. In its turn, the parquet plank may be laid only straight forward or diagonally.


There is envisaged laying the wooden floor coverings "Gajewski" - and the parquet, and the parquet plank - on the surface of any material: on wooden, plaster, concrete floors, as well as on the heat-insulated floor. If you have chosen the floor covering "Gajewski" - the parquet or the parquet plank with appropriate thickness of the top layer, they may be laid in residential premises - on the floor with small and medium load, and in public areas - on the floor with large and very heavy load.


It is necessary to keep in mind that laying the wooden floor coverings "Gajewski" in rooms with high humidity is not envisaged, for example: the parquet or the parquet plank "Gajewski" are not suitable for laying in a bathroom. The manufacturer "Gajewski Parquet Factory" recommends their customers to make sure in daylight - on receipt of the ordered parquet or the parquet plank - within 24 hours after opening the original packaging, if the quality of the floor covering corresponds to the expected quality, a tone - to the selected tone, etc. 

Before the laying, the parquet and the parquet plank are to be stored properly in a dry and well-ventilated room - in their original factory packaging, put on a stable basis towering above the floor level, at least for 10 cm.


Since the material should not become damp during the storage, it is necessary to maintain the temperature in the range of 18-22 degrees, humidity should not exceed 45-60% in the room, in which the parquet is kept. In its turn, during the laying, humidity of the wooden floor covering – of the parquet or of the parquet plank – should not exceed + - 7%.


Before laying the floor covering - the parquet or the parquet plank, it is necessary to allow them to acclimatise to the conditions of the room, therefore the original packaging should be opened, at least 2-3 days prior to laying the parquet, and when laying the parquet, it is desirable to choose the parquet planks from different packages. It should also be taken into account - it is necessary to complete all other types of construction works (e.g.: painting ceilings, finishing walls, lining floor) before the start of laying the parquet.




It is very important to bear in mind that when laying the parquet or the parquet plank, the underlayment should be even and reinforced. The maximum allowable displacement may be 2mm / 2 lm. If the underlayment is uneven or is not reinforced, it is necessary to level and to reinforce it with self-levelling mass.


The second thing which definitely needs in attention - the floor surface, on which the parquet or the parquet plank is laid, should not exceed the allowable humidity indicator. If the parquet or parquet plank is laid upon the concrete surface, the maximum permissible humidity of the surface is 2%, measured by CM method. If the wooden floor covering is laid on anhydrite (gypseous) surface, the maximum permissible surface humidity is 0.5%, measured by CM method. In its turn, if the parquet or the parquet plank is laid on wooden underlayment, the maximum allowable humidity of the surface should not exceed 13%, measured by CM method.


If the underlayment on which the parquet or the parquet plank is laid, is the gypseous or the concrete floor, if the surface humidity is higher than the permitted one, it is definitely necessary to create a waterproofing of the underlayment to prevent access of moisture to the wooden floor covering.


When laying the wooden floor – the parquet or the parquet plank, it is recommended to use a complex system of materials from a single source - a primer, adhesives, etc. Besides, it is necessary to choose the glue, which, according to the manufacturers instructions, may be used in laying the wooden floors. When laying the wooden floors, the enterprise "Gajewski Parquet Factory" recommends the use of an elastic polyurethane one-component adhesive of the Swiss manufacturer "Sika", or of any other two-component polyurethane adhesive of the proven quality.


If the parquet or the parquet plank "Gajewski" is laid on the heat-insulated floors, the adhesive layer provides also evener distribution of heat from the underfloor heating system, therefore the floor is heated quicker and the thermal energy consumption is reduced, as well as the adhesive layer provides an additional waterproofing and sound insulation up to 12 decibels.




Parketa grīdu ieklāšanaWhen laying the floor - the parquet or the parquet plank, the best way is to glue them to the underlayment of the floor, as it is the most stable way of the laying. When the parquet is laid, the room temperature should be 18-22 degrees and the humidity of air should not exceed 45-60%.The two-layer parquet and the parquet plank "Gajewski" is laid very quickly and simply. If there is sufficient knowledge and experience, the floor covering may be laid on its own, but it is better to entrust it to the master specializing in laying the wood floor. The eastern branch of the enterprise "Gajewski Parquet Factory" may recommend a reliable master of laying the parquet.


When laying the parquet floor, one should create skirting. If after installation of the parquet, there is expected also painting walls, the wooden floor should be protected from contact with paint, covered with cardboard envisaged for the wooden or parquet floor.




The parquet or the parquet plank "Gajewski" are specially designed in such a way that they may be safely laid on the heat-insulated floor. There are envisaged recesses 6-7 mm in their bottom layer, therefore the heat from the underfloor heating system quickly gets to the parquet surface. Due to this technology, risk of damaging the parquet or the parquet plank, of their deformation during exploitation, due to condensate appearing because of temperature drops of the heating system, is removed - regardless of the type of heating in the building - be it the heating pellets, the central, gas, electric heating and others.


Besides the total thickness of floor coverings "Gajewski" is 11-15 mm, and it is just such a thickness at which heat quickly gets to the top layer of the floor covering, hence the low heat energy consumption. For proper laying the parquet or the parquet plank on the heat-insulated floor, one should proceed in the following way. Before to set about laying the parquet - one should properly create the underlayment for jointless floor - the anhydrite (gypseous) or concrete floor. The underlayment should be even and reinforced. If it is not so, one need to level the floor with the self-levelling mass and to reinforce it. The amount of moisture in the underlayment of the floor is determined by a special device - a hydrometer. If the concrete floor is used as the underlayment, its moisture content should not exceed 1.8%, and if the anhydrite (gypseous) floor is used as the underlayment, the humidity should not exceed 0.3%. If the humidity indicator of the floor will be above the permissible one, the laid parquet or the parquet plank will absorb the moisture, and there will be a risk of deformation of the wooden floor in the course of exploitation.


One should dry the underlayment of the floor before laying the parquet or the parquet planks "Gajewski", in the following way. One should turn on the under floor heating and to increase the temperature by 5 ° C every day, until reaching the maximum temperature of 26 ° C. Afterwards, for about two weeks, it is necessary to maintain the average temperature of floor heating 24 ° C, and then gradually to lower the temperature, each day by 5 ° C, until the temperature of 15-18 ° C is reached. In its turn, the humidity of air during this period should not exceed 55%.


In total it takes about 21 days, to dry the underlayment of the floor, only after this, the parquet or parquet plank may be laid. For the wooden floor covering not to swell during installation, one should make sure if it has not soaked with excessive moisture - the moisture should not exceed the value specified by the manufacturer. For the parquet or the parquet plank "Gajewski" the permissible humidity is +/- 2 - 7%. In its turn, when laying the parquet and within 48 hours after the parquet was laid, the room temperature should be about 21 ° C, one should increase the temperature of air by 1-2 ° C every day. 


For the parquet or the parquet plank would prove themselves perfect on the heat-insulated floor, the underfloor heating temperature should not exceed 27 ° C.

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