The main advantages of the parquet Gajewski          

  • Perfect parquet for the under-floor heating
  • Quick and easy installation
  • It may be easily combined with ceramic tiles
  • Many different types of the parquet


The oak parquet and the parquet plank "Ouickparquet" of "Gajewski Parquet  Factory" are designed in such a way that each homeowner and apartment-owner, housekeepers, as well as architects and interior designers would find in the wide assortment the most suitable solution for their premises, for example: a living room, a corridor, a banqueting room, an office and others. 


The oak parquet "Gajewski" is a perfect solution for the heat-insulated floors. Learn more about the wooden oak parquet  for the heat-insulated floors, here!

QUICK PARQUET 2-layer parquet

Explore our extensive collection of parquets

- available in various wood species and grades
- a wide range of sizes (parquet length  from 490 to 2000 mm)
- Surface finishes with high-quality oils or varnishes
- ideal for use with underfloor heating
- available with FSC certification 
- Surface layer 3,8 or 6,0mm
- bottom layer of plywood or hardwood 
- Formaldehyde emission according to E1 
- tongue and groove  joint system ensuring stability
- the most stable glue-down installation
- Quality Control Before Storage And Shipping 
- Individual production according to customer requirements  

Surface treatment / Structure


Upon request any Qucik Parquet floor is available with an untreated hardwood top layer.  Available in sanded or brushed versions. The floor has to be lacquered or oiledafterinstallation


Pre-finished with 6 coats of anti-scratch UV lacquer. The lacquer is free from solvents and formaldehyde. It is durable and preserves the wood’s natural character.

Oxidative  Oiled

Pre-finished with oxidative oil. Available in transparent and white colour. We recommend an application of Maintenance Oil right after installation.

Rainbow Collection Oiled

Prefinished flooring in a vastarray of colour oils. A high-quality oil finish. Ready to walk on.


The soft parts of wood are brushed out of the floorboards. These can be oxidative oiled or UV lacquered.


Concept 1200 & 2000 available with 4-sided micro-bevel


Collection / Formats

490x70x11mm (top layer 3,8mm)

490x70x14mm (top layer 6,0mm)

1000x100x11mm (top layer 3,8mm)

1200x120x11mm (top layer 3,8mm)

1200x120x15mm (top layer 3,8mm)

1800x180x11mm (top layer 3,8mm)

1800x180x15mm (top layer 3,8mm)


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