Two-layer parquet - this is the most suitable option for the heat-insulated floor.

At present, the two-layer parquet is very popular in Western Europe because it is the most suitable variant of the wooden floor covering for laying on the heat-insulated floor. The main products of the manufacturer "Gajewski Parquet Factory" are the two-layer floor coverings – the oak parquet and the parquet plank.


The floor coverings are designed in such a way that they may be safely laid on the heat-insulated floor, they are not deformed during exploitation.The floor coverings will not be harmed by temperature fluctuations and condensation which may occur due to a heating system - whether it s gas, electric, central heating or heating pellets. The heat-insulated floor with the two-layer parquet "Gajewski" heats evenly and quickly, resulting in heat savings.


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